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Get some Inspiration with these Foil Craft Ideas

Why settle for Plain, Dull and Boring when Stunning, Trendy and Beautiful is just a few simple steps away, FOILART foil craft kits {Midas Touch / Extreme} will enable you to transform even the dullest project into a stunning, eye-catching finished product in no time....all the products shown in the Gallery below have been decorated using a range of beautiful metallic foils together with FOILART'S simple technique to enhance the visual appeal of the end product.

Besides being fun and easy to DON'T need to be super creative or artistic to produce beautiful results.... you just need to know how to "cheat-a-little"...and that's where we come in, with many years of  hands on decoarting experience we have compiled some tutorial videos that contain some tips that are so simple they are silly... but they will enable even a beginner to create professional looking designs in no time...your friends and family will think you are a creative genius...ssshhh we won't tell if you don't

Foilart is suited to all age groups, Videos can be viewed on our

A piece of art, Peacock Design created with FoilArt

This stunning Peacock Backdrop was used at the Hobby-X Show Johannesburg South Africa, 2015 we wanted to create the impression of a stained glass window, the design was done on 4 wood panels. it took 2 months to complete, the artwork was then sealed with a high gloss varnish giving the impression of glass...many admirers of the piece were shocked to learn that this was not in fact stained glass but wood...a SHOWSTOPPER, admired and photographed by many visitors to the show.


Coasters Created With Foilart Metallic Foil Transfers

With Foilart transforming inexpensive wooden products like these coasters is simple... the foil finished result is eye-catching and beautiful adding value to the plain coaster.


Wood and Cardboard embellishments are very popular with Scrapbookers, they give the Scrap book page a 3 Dimensional finish, these can be decorated with foil for extra Pizzaz.


Wood frame and Mosaic effect Vase...the mosaic effect is in fact mosaics were used on this piece, finished with High Gloss Varnish.



Crafty Activities

Produce your own elegant personalised table seating cards, a touch of style for that special occassion or event.


Art Project

Making stylish Bookmarks is a fun crafting idea...laminate the finished Bookmark to protect your unique foiled design.

Foils add value to almost anything, here we have created a foiled card from a plain printed card by simply adding foil to the existing design, the thin blue line running from the top to the bottom of the page is double sided tape, simply apply foil to the tacky tape to pull the foil colour off, no glue required.


Here we have decorated a plain brown paper bag with strips of used gift wrap paper to create a mulicolour "designer" bag and to finish off we have introduced foil into the existing floral pattern {keep your old giftwrap paper it can come in very handy}....another novel idea which is very popular with kids is Birthday Party Lucky Packets...use a plain paper bag, decorate and personalise the outside then fill the bag with lots of lovely goodies.... watch the kiddies faces light up with excitement when they open the Lucky Packet with their name on it.


Foils can even be added to Art, this abstract design was done on sealed Canvas and finished with foils.


Another Mosaic effect wood piece, sealed with High Gloss Varnish.


Foils can even be used to decorate School wil be amazed at the difference a little foil makes to your project...then watch your marks increase.


A Wooden Jewellery box, stunning foiled picture...finished with high gloss varnish, teens just loved this.


Afro Chic...wood art with a splash of foil.


Under the Sea....Holographic Silver infused art.

Another School Project that will "WOW" your friends and especially your are sure to be rewarded with extra marks for going the extra mile to produce a stunning project.

Whether you enjoy simple sketch art or more intricate art, foils can add value to the finished product, this does not always mean that the foil should be the focal point of the artwork very often just a little foil goes a long way..."less is more"