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Art & Craft Kits

Loads of fun for All Ages! Our metallic foiling kits are easy to use and looks amazing!

Art KitRefills

Buy foils and glue pens and all things nescessary to create stunning works of art

Foil Art Xtreme Kit
Foil-Pro HR4  Home Foiling System
Foil Art Nail Kit
Foil Art Midas Touch Kit
Stencil - Freestyle Upper - Lower Case Set
Foil Art Super Kit
FoilFun Krazee Putty Kit
Super-Tack Glue Pen
Nail Adhesive Refill Bottle
14S Gold Foil Refill
Super-Tack Refill Glue Bottle
LG6 Lazer Gold
2p Gun Metal Craft Foil
4S6 Rainbow Foil Refill Roll
1p Salmon Pink Craft Foil
Gold Toner-Tec Foil Refill Roll
3S6 Dark Blue Foil Refill Roll
Emerald Green Toner-Tec Foil Refill
LS6	Lazer Silver Craft Foil
5S6 Turquoise Foil Refill Roll
Copper Toner-Tec Foil Refill
2S6 Purple Foil Refill Roll
9p Gold Craft Foil
8p Silver Craft Foil
Silver Toner-Tec Foil Refill
1S6	Hot Pink Foil Refill Roll
3p Red Craft Foil
7p Magenta Craft Foil
5p Copper Craft Foil
Crafter's Double Sided Tape 12mm
Royal Blue Toner-Tec Foil Refill
6p Blue Craft Foil
5M Light Blue Matt Foil Refill
Stencil - Bold Upper - Lower Case Set
3M White Matt Foil Refill
11S6 Satin Gold Foil Refill
Practice Pack of White Cards
Hot Pink Toner-Tec Foil Refill
6M Green Matt Foil Refill
Cherry Red Toner-Tec Foil Refill
2M Black Matt Foil Refill
4p Green Craft Foil
13S Soft Pink Foil Refill
12S Antique Silver Foil Refill
Turquise Toner-Tec Foil Refill
9S6 Copper Silver Foil Refill
8S6 Metallic Silver Foil Refill
1M Red Matt Foil Refill
6S6 Green Foil Refill
Crafter's Double Sided Tape 6mm
4M Burgundy Matt Foil Refill
7S6 Red Foil Refill

Buy Arts and Craft Foiling Kits Online!

FoilArt is a South African manufacturer and supplier of foil craft kits suitable for all ages.

Foilart Creative Products are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of unique Arts and Craft Foiling Kits. Our company is based in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa.

Don’t settle for plain, dull and boring because with foilart products… stunning, eye-catching and trendy is only 3 simple steps away, whether you are making your own designer greeting cards, hi-liting art, decorating scrap book pages or school projects, making personalised gift bags, gift tags or decorating wood products…whatever it is Foilart’s dazzling metallic foils and simple technique are guaranteed to give your product that “Million Dollar” finishing touch.

We also have something for kiddies, take a look at our foilfun kit…this product guarantees hours of creative fun …play, learn, develop this is an amazing product and best of all it is re-usable.

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